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As a result of the correction of the Russian currency against the US dollar in 2014, Russian business was faced not only with risks and losses, but also with new opportunities. Due to the low exchange rate of the national currency, Russian high quality goods and products, which previously could not compete in price with traditional countries exporting similar products, now have the opportunity to compete not only due to quality, but also due to price parameters. International markets are characterized by high volatility, and development of non-resource export allows to reduce the impact of this volatility on the Russian economy.In connection with this the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “About National Goals and Strategic Tasks of the Development of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024” defines the basic goals of the strategic direction “International cooperation and export ":

  • formingglobal competitive non-resources sectors in manufacturing industry, agriculture, and the services sector, the total export share of these sectors should be not less than 20% of GDP;
  • achievingthe volume of export of non-resources non-energy goods in the amount of $ 250 billion per year, including mechanical engineering products - $ 50 billion per year and agricultural products - $ 45 billion per year, as well as the volume of services export - $ 100 billion per year;
  • forming an effective system oflabordivision and production cooperation within the EAEU in order to increase the volume of trade between the EAEU member states by at least 1.5 times and to ensure the growth of volume of accumulated mutual investments by 1.5 times.

Such factors as the late integration of Russia into the capitalist system of world order and previously unfavorable competitive conditions did not allow us to reveal the full potential of Russian goods for the world, and we are confident that a real breakthrough will take place in the next decade.

Having wide experience in the field of international logistics and trade, as well as understanding the huge export potential, our company has focused on promoting our products in the world market.

Due to the favorable geographical position Novorossiysk is Russia's largest port in terms of transshipment, and obviously we have special advantages in terms of delivery times for the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East. Developing strong business ties both in foreign anddomestic markets, we came to our slogan: “connecting markets”.

Company's mission
Link the best Russian products with international markets.
Become trading company with the largest volume of cooperation in the regions of the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East.
Professional team focused on results
Excellent knowledge of the domestic market and ability to identify promising products for export
Strong partnerships with manufacturers and foreign partners
Wide experience in international trade and logistics
Tools for finding international partners