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The Novorossiysk Poultry Farm is the Kuban’s largest enterprise, founded in 1967. For more than 50 years, the factory has been producing chicken eggs and processing poultry products and is able to supply diet products not only to residents of the region, but also to residents of other countries. Having a favorable location in the transport hub, we are able to provide quick delivery to nearby regions, including the Persian Gulf region.

The poultry farm produces 9 types of eggs: C1, C2, C3, selective eggs, eggs of the highest quality, enriched with iodine, selenium, as well as diet eggs of categories D1 and D2, with a total output of over 170 million pcs. Eggs are sorted and packed in the complex of MOVA company, which was ordered in the Netherlands in 2010. MOBA complex processes 90 thousand eggs per hour.

We take great responsibilityfor the freshness of our products, so we label not only the packaging, but also each egg.

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